We’re looking for an engineer who knows what great gameplay looks, sounds, and feels like. Someone who understands the programmatic representations of great game feel and who can turn a complex description of a user’s experience into simple inputs on a controller. Someone who can iterate alongside other developers, tweaking and tuning until you get it just right. You know instinctively how much input lag is too sticky or too slippery, and you’ve got the know-how to put a pin in the center of the spectrum. You’re a tinkerer, a knob-turner, a button-pusher and a lever-puller. You know that the moment a game world comes to life is when a player can competently and confidently stride through it. You have the skills, both to tell a story through code alone and to guide the player to pen their own. Your insights and talents will help our animators, designers, and writers craft an experience that harmonizes across all its axes.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing gameplay systems according to designer specifications.
  • Working with a variety of other disciplines to fine-tune gameplay.
  • Exploring game design ideas through prototypes and toys.
  • Iterating, iterating, and iterating some more on gameplay mechanics.
  • Creating new gameplay code, as well as maintaining the older systems.

Required Skills:

  • Can work with designers and animators to create features that complement tight mechanics and high-fidelity animations.
  • Can help create systems with seamless and fluid game feel.
  • Has a strong interest in and curiosity for game design.
  • Can receive, internalize, and implement gameplay feedback.
  • Can identify points of friction in gameplay and resolve them quickly.
  • Extensive knowledge of controller interfaces across multiple platforms.
  • Can write efficient low-level C++ code, with an eye for optimization and performance.
  • Has written gameplay code on shipped games.
  • Is a self-motivated and proactive problem-solver.
  • Loves working with others.

Super Powers:

  • You know the Unreal Engine: forward, backward, upside-down and inside-out.

Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.


  • Competitive Health, dental, vision & life insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • 401k with company contribution
  • Remote flexible work from home policies
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Creative & collaborative environment

Are you interested in this role but feel as though you don’t have the right experience for it? When compared to individuals of similar backgrounds and skill levels, members of historically marginalized groups are statistically far less likely to apply for a position unless they feel like they meet all of its listed qualifications. As part of our mission to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace, we encourage you to apply for the position that excites you, even if your resumé doesn’t perfectly match what you’re looking for. It takes all kinds of flowers to make a flower patch!

Thanks for your interest!