We’re looking for an engineer that gets excited by helping others. Who’s good with technical systems and believes that tools, infrastructure and a stable pipeline are the backbone of successful game development. A facilitator. A helper. A pipeline lover. A generalist programmer who enjoys wearing many hats on any given day, and gets a kick out of solving problems that help unblock the team. Who understands that quality is only achieved when infrastructure stability and pipeline efficiency is achieved.

On one day you may be asked to work on the game side - which could be writing gameplay code, debugging other people's code, looking into optimizations, implementing save/load systems, etc. On another day you may be asked to work on our pipelines - such as animation and art tools, build systems, a smoke-test setup, in-game debugging tools, etc. And then there will be days where you alone will decide what's best to work on - we have a lot of those days.

Some Useful Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of perforce and cloud storage and backup systems.
  • Can write good, clean, efficient code. :)
  • Self-motivated, proactive, problem solver. Can identify tool, code and pipeline issues, and wants to
  • Can recommend, set-up and maintain licensing software choices, agreements, and pipeline integration.
  • Has a familiarity or shipped games on multiple SKUs.
  • Has written development tools.
  • Has familiarity with development pipelines.
  • Loves working with others.

Thanks for your interest!