Are VFX more than just particles to you? How much do you consider the player, story and mood when you create your VFX? How can VFX integrate with gameplay design to bring a new experience to the player? Do you love the technical challenge of creating new and interesting VFX in 3D, that still work in framerate and memory? Do you wonder what more we could be doing with VFX in games? What are we missing about the potential of VFX in the interactive medium?

VFX will play a key role in our game’s unique aesthetic. As a small-ish team, you’ll pretty much be owning and driving the entire VFX pipeline and VFX creation for a while. So efficiency, problem-solving, a willingness to compromise, and a firm understanding of technical limitations and work-arounds will be essential tools in your toolbelt. We’re a fully 3D game experience. You’ll be collaborating with concept artists to define and integrate our VFX with the art style, work closely with design, and communicate a clear direction, workflow and project goals to other VFX artists and the team.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Setting up, guiding, communicating, and maintaining a 3D VFX pipeline and technical needs across the project and departments.
  • Creating unique shaders and materials.
  • Technically proficient and can translate technical jargon to layman’s terms - and vice versa.
  • Authoring particle systems and features that are easily accessible and usable by other team members outside of the VFX department.
  • Mentoring and guiding other VFX artists.
  • Having fun making VFX!

Special Powers:

  • Can you hand animate 2d FX?
  • Can you write code? Can you create your own shaders?
  • Are you familiar with Unreal or have you written shaders in Unity?
  • Can you create your own tools?

Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

Thanks for your interest!