We’re looking for an animator that is passionate about gameplay animation. Our game is exploring the intersection between story and gameplay, so we need someone that’s able to tackle challenges and think in creative, nonstandard ways of solving problems. Who understands (or has a passion to learn) gameplay systems, gameplay design, and character creation, all while honing their animation skills. Someone that is always thinking about the high-level goal we are trying to achieve as a team. Someone that is willing to be part of a small team that is constantly evolving on how we tackle challenges in any area.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Collaborate with all the members of the team to bring characters and world alive.
  • Have fun while animating and implementing animations.
  • Prototyping, ideating, experimenting with how the characters move, behave, feel and look.
  • Creative problem solving on how to create the best animation systems within a small team.

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent animation skills.
  • Team player with strong communication skills.
  • Proactivity and can-do attitude.
  • Knowledge of Maya and Unreal.
  • Creative and efficient problem solving.

Special Powers:

  • Experience developing games.
  • Rigging Experience.
  • Tool writing experience.

Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

Thanks for your interest!