We’re looking for someone that loves every aspect of creating in-game characters and bringing them to life! We’re a small-ish team, so for a while you’ll be the only person responsible for the character pipeline. We’re looking for a generalist more than a specialist to work on our uniquely-stylized game (aka not photo realistic). This role requires a firm understanding of every aspect of character creation - primarily modeling, texturing, creating skeletal meshes and rigging - but also all of the technical aspects of physics solutions, IK/FK rigs, blend shapes, set-driven keys, control interfaces will serve you well, but aren’t essential to get you going. But a good eye and the ability to pick your battles will be essential.

Someone that thrives in a communicative and collaborative environment to create the most efficient process in order to bring our characters to life. Someone that is willing to iterate to find what works and looks best for the game and the people using your creations. And possesses a desire to work with our Engineers to make sure our characters are efficient and the pipeline is scalable to ship a game with.

Someone that creates consistent and fast rigs. Quick iteration is a must. Someone that will be conscious of the scope and size of the team and will adjust accordingly.

Some of Your Responsibilities

  • Model, texture, skin and rig characters for animators to use.
  • Test the rigs to make sure they are efficient in Maya and in Engine.
  • Make sure the models and rigs are done to technical specs to work in the engine.
  • Implement these in Unreal with all the required assets.
  • Iterate on these characters until the desired results are achieved.
  • Setting up physics assets: cloth or any other types of simulation.
  • Working with and coordinating with external contract character modelers.

Essential Skills

  • Excellent character modeling and texturing skills.
  • Excellent rigging skills.
  • A great eye for shape and style.
  • You LOVE seeing these characters come to life, and will do anything to help them thrive!
  • Knowledge of Maya and Unreal.
  • Experience developing models and rigs for games.
  • Experience creating non-human characters.
  • Team player with strong communication skills.
  • Proactivity and can-do attitude.
  • Creative and efficient problem solving.

Special Powers

  • Tool writing Experience.
  • Procedural Rig Experience.
  • C++ for Maya.
  • Experience developing a character pipeline.

Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

Thank you for your interest!