“Audio is 73.6% of the experience.” - Bruce Straley

We’re looking for a senior/experienced Audio Designer to craft high quality audio content and serve as the head of the audio discipline. Balancing creative and technical needs for the project, we’re looking to you to define the audio strategy, technical and aesthetic direction, and will be the point person and vision holder for the project. But maybe most importantly, we’ll need you to fully embody your discipline, understand the role audio plays in this new experience we’re creating, and want to express yourself through your craft.

Logistically, you’re going to be wearing a lot of hats. We’re a small team, so you’ll be in charge of sound design, sound direction, implementation, and communicating/maintaining a consistent vision for the audio quality and direction for the project. And you’ll also be working closely with the music composer and project director.

Some of your responsibilities may include:

  • Create and maintain the sound direction for the project.
  • Sound design creation and implementation.
  • Devise and implement a pipeline plan that works with the team and within the scope of the project.
  • Identifies and collaborates on memory, frame rate and quality targets, and works out any performance optimizations needed.
  • Project planning and process, scheduling and task organization, and inter-departmental communication and upkeep.
  • Planning, scheduling and working with contract audio designers in order to maintain quality standards and maintain the overall vision of the project.

Special Powers:

  • Master of Unreal, WWise and/or FMOD.
  • Up to speed on the latest tools and technical proficiencies needed to run a nimble audio operation.
  • Being a great communicator and collaborator.
  • Being flexible and able to problem solve and compromise.
  • Being a good human that wants to make people feel their emotions through the use of sound!

Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

Thank you for your interest!